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CEO - Mario Gonzalez


Our CBD is a natural full spectrum water soluble CBD Tincture, high grade hemp super critical CO2 extract. The tinctures has a light vanilla and natural hemp taste and aroma you will barely notice.

When choosing potency (750 mg/1500 mg/3500 mg), you have a variety of choices whether starting low or gradually increase dosage. If you customers or clients need high levels, it is best to start at 1500 mg.


Total Cannabinoid Range 99%
CBD Range - 99%
THC Range - 0%

Total Cannabinoid Range: 99+%
CBD Range: 99+%
THC Range: 0% THC (non-psychoactive)
Organic: Non-GMO
No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

White Label: YES

Other Ingredients: Medical Grade Structured Water, Organic Stevia, Organic Xylitol, Organic Monk Fruit, Natural and Artificial Vanilla Flavoring, Organic Himalayan Salt Extract as preservative

*Not designed for vaping

*Oil color may vary

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Nano-Tech Powder