CBD Broker-Dealer-Owners

During the last 3 years, we have seen an insurgence of CBD brokers-dealers-owners enter the world of Hemp. In 2017, the highly fragmented CBD industry was in need of connectors. Skilled individuals whose network builds new business relationships, which evolve into the infrastructure of the hemp industry. Since then, the hemp industry has matured. There is a known network of farmers and processors, there are websites selling wholesale material, and CBD and hemp trade shows to spur new relationships. As a result, the new wave of expert CBD brokerage firms and professionals have matured to create value outside of the sale.

If your are a novice broker-dealer-owner you operate as bridge builders and help new businesses enter the market through their relationships. You have sales skills, but lack business infrastructure to grow your business beyond a couple individuals. Understand that novices rely on NDAs and NCs before an introduction because the introduction is where all the value is created. Tiring, because novices are chasing tales of quick money made through arbitrage, by selling CBD material for more than they pay.

In fact, if you are an expert hemp broker-dealer-owner, you have created value beyond pitching a product. The level of sophistication and knowledge they bring to the hemp and CBD industry is valuable for both small and large businesses. You bring a holistic view of market trends and understand the relationship between supply and demand on a weekly basis. You’re an expert at sales, bring a book of business, are great relationship builders and know how to close a deal.

This is not you of course, but a bad broker-dealer-owner are novices who do not care about service or quality. These individuals are trying to get rich quick, do not care about product quality, and have no incentive to resolve issues when they occur. These individuals often have weak or non-existent business relationships, and don’t return calls in the best of times, because this person will completely disappear in the worst of times. These individuals chase unicorn deals, because they do have the knowledge to validate that their deals are credible.

Best practices is to always leverage with organized wholesalers like AmeriCare whom represent a large client base, and bring a book of business to your doorstep with their service and premium product offerings. This can build your revenue, and streamline your sales process by driving volumes of business in CBD crude, CBD distillates, CBD isolates, CBD water solubles, CBD Hemp Flowers, Delta-8 THC, and an array of finished products. At this exact moment, consider your strategy for growth with AmeriCare, a Master CBD Supply Chain Distributor.

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